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Don't let the size of Lithia fool you. In spite of being a small community, Lithia is home to some of the best places that will give you more than enough reasons to stay.

Aside from having a rich history in agriculture, phosphate mining, and saw mills, Lithia is also home to spectacular sights such as Lithia Springs State Park, the C.W. Bill Young Reservoir, and Alderman's Ford Park.

This community also boasts quite a history. Prior to the advent of white settlers in 1846, Lithia had been variously inhabited by Native American tribes, such as the Tocobaga, Muskogan (Creek), Tomokan, Caloosa and later the Seminole, some of whom were mentioned by the Spanish in the 1600s. Settlers from Georgia arrived in 1847. In 1848, James Alderman created a ford on the Alafia River at the site of present day Alderman's Ford Park. By the time of the civil war, Alderman's cattle ranching operation ran to around 30,000 head of cattle.

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