Save time, stress, and money with a Knock Home Swap™


  • Convenience

    Buy a new home without having to sell the old one first, or at the same time.

    Close on a new house in half the time (or less) of a typical financed offer.

  • Certainty

    Start making offers on homes with your fully pre-approved mortgage.

    Win your dream home with a strong, competitive offer.

  • Cost Savings

    Move only once, and save on rent, closing costs, and moving costs.

    Get up to $25,000 of home prep work prepaid so your old house sells for the best price.

How It Works

  • Step 1

    Get Approved & Start Making Offers

    We get you approved for a home loan so you can start making offers. We’ll even lend you the downpayment on your new home.

    Step 2

    We Advance Mortgage Payments

    We advance up to 6 months of mortgage payments.

    Step 3

    Get Up To $25,000 To Prep For Sale

    We offer you up to $25,000 of prep funds to


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