Why It Is Crucial To Have a Great Agent When Buying New Construction

Why is it important to have a great agent on your side when buying new construction? Before you walk into the builder it's important to have a great agent looking out for you and here’s a couple reasons why.

#1 When you walk into a builder and the builder rep there is going to be super friendly and wonderful and nice but remember that rep represents the builders’ interests, not yours. When you have a knowledgeable agent, they are there to look out for you and to ask the questions that often you don't even know to ask

#2 People think that they might get a better deal when they don't have an agent, and quite the opposite is true. The price is the price and the commission that the agents are paid is built into the price, whether you have an agent or not. Agents will actually save you money by helping you make the right design choices, the right decisions with the home lot selection and even spotting items in the builders walkthrough that you might have missed.

Agents are also there for you after the sale if the builder needs to come back and fix something; if you're having an issue or a problem you've got someone on your side.

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