We took a look at this April’s real estate numbers and compared them
to what we saw in April 2018. Here’s what we found

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We’re back once again with a quick update for you on the Tampa Bay real estate market.

The April numbers are in and the news is good. We saw our number of closed sales increase 8.6% year over year after having been down in March of this year.

As far as pricing is concerned, we’re up about 1.7% from April 2018. This is pointing us toward a nice, stable market.


Inventory has dropped, but homes
are still selling in a timely manner.


Inventory has gone down slightly from where it was last year, but homes are still selling at a healthy clip right now.

Here you can take a look below at all the April stats regarding the number of sales, closed sales prices, and inventory:

Tampa 2019 Market Stats

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