Tampa Bay Real Estate Update

Here are all the stats from our Tampa Bay first-quarter real estate market.

Today I’m filling you in on the latest stats from our Tampa Bay real estate market. We’ve never seen numbers like this; it’s the hottest and most exciting market we’ve ever seen. The first quarter of 2021 has broken records.

Lately, the main headline has been our record-setting sale prices. Prices have increased 22.9% year over year, with an average sale price of $357,519. We saw a 4% rise between January and February and a 6% rise between February and March. We’re seeing huge demand with many people moving to the Tampa Bay area. 

“We’ve never seen numbers like this.”

We had 9,537 closed sales in the first quarter, growing 15% since 2020 and 25% since 2019. This was the strongest first quarter we’ve ever had. Inventory remains low, which is a massive opportunity for sellers looking to make money from their sales. Interest rates are also remaining low, so buyers are seeing the advantage of purchasing right now, even amid the higher prices.

This is one of the best markets we’ve ever had. We’re here to answer any questions you have about the market or real estate in general. Please pick up the phone or send us an email; we’d love to be your real estate resource.

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