Is It Too Late to Sell Your Home in 2020?

Here’s why sellers should take advantage of the last two months of 2020.

November and December 2020 are especially good times to enter the Tampa real estate market, and there are three main reasons why:

1. The Tampa area is busier than ever during the holidays. Our city always welcomes a large swell of visitors at the end of the year, and though the reasons for their visits vary greatly, many of them are looking to make some headway on home shopping while they’re here. If, for example, you’re wanting to relocate to be closer to family in Tampa, what better time to shop than when you’re visiting them for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

2. People look for homes during their time off. Even some of Tampa’s hardest working residents have time off during the holidays, and they’re choosing to use some of that time to shop for a home.

3. Inventory is incredibly low. It’s common for inventory to drop off a bit around these last two months of the year, but right now, inventory is as low as it’s ever been. Plenty of people are still shopping right now, so the leverage remains with Tampa sellers.

“Many holiday visitors are looking to make some headway
on home shopping while they’re here.”

If you’re interested in selling but just aren’t sure if there’s still enough time to sell quickly and get top dollar, give us a call. We’d love to chat with you and explain why you still have time to maximize your home sale.

Lastly, as we approach Thanksgiving, we just wanted to let you know that we at The Tampa Home Group are truly grateful for you and your support; we will be working through the holidays, and we’d be honored to help with whatever real estate needs you may have.

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