How We Can Help You Sell and Buy Simultaneously

These three options can help you both sell and buy in this market.

This is likely the best real estate market any of us have ever seen in our lifetimes. Sellers are loving the prices, and buyers are loving the interest rates, so there are wonderful opportunities on both sides of the fence. So what’s the best way to take advantage of today’s hot market if you’d like to sell your home for a great price but also need to find a new house to buy? Today I wanted to share the options we provide our clients to help them buy and sell without having to move twice:

1. The leaseback option. When you sell your home, we can negotiate to have the new owners lease the home back to you for a time while you search for your new house. That allows you to write an offer without a home sale contingency. This solution is working for many people.

2. Lending programs. We have several lending programs available, one of them being the Knock Home Swap Program, which can get you pre-approved to buy your new home, move into it, then put your first house on the market and get full market value. In other words, you won’t need to sell to an iBuyer or some other entity that will pay less for the property. We can also help you sell to an investor or iBuyer if that’s your choice.

3. Bridge loans. We have a lender who can help you do bridge loans, which are short-term loans that can help you afford your new home before selling your current one.

“Sellers are loving the prices, and buyers
are loving the interest rates.”

If you have questions about buying and/or selling or would like some help, we’d welcome the opportunity to set a time to chat with you informally. We can go through your options to see what works best for you. Simply call or email us; we would love to help you.

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