If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, or if you are a buyer looking for a home in today's market, I have a quick message I want to share with you about our "Coming Soon" listings, which is another way that we work daily to connect buyers and sellers in today’s market.

What are "Coming Soon" listings? A "Coming Soon" listing is a way to spread the word about homes coming to market--this is perfect for sellers who still have a list of things to do to the home before they are ready to officially put it on the market, or are perhaps looking to time their sale with an upcoming life event like a graduation or wedding.

Our COMING SOON marketing is also a great tool for sellers who are building a new construction home that is not yet ready. We are often working with buyers who may be timing a purchase in the future- and it’s another way we can help find the perfect buyer for the perfect house.With a "Coming Soon" listing, we start looking for a buyer for your home before it is listed.

If you are a buyer who is unable to find the right home, give us a call today because we may have something soon that will fit your needs. After years and years of assisting buyers and sellers here in the Tampa Bay area, we have a great group of loyal past clients, many of whom call us months in advance when they are getting ready to sell. The home you’re looking for might be owned by one of our past clients.

We are always listing new homes, and working to connect buyers and sellers. For our latest list of COMING SOON & OFF MARKET HOMES, click here!

If you have any questions about our "Coming Soon" listings or anything else real-estate related, please feel free to contact me here at the office (813) 907-2555. I look forward to speaking with you soon.