Meet The Team


COMMUNICATION. RESPONSIVENESS. RESULTS: Our caring team consists of full time, experienced real estate professionals that have been personally trained by John and Maria.  Imagine having a whole team of trained professionals working together to get your home sold.  The complexity of today’s real estate transaction, sophisticated internet marketing, and the ever-increasing amount of legal paperwork, demands more than any single real estate agent can deliver. Tampa Home Group has assembled a team to deliver the level of service you deserve and expect.  This means instant responses to buyer inquiries, and a whole team on call to give you answers when you need them. Every aspect of the marketing, sales, and closing process has been optimized to net you the most money for your home in the shortest amount of time.

OUR TEAM of experts will become YOUR PERSONAL ASSISTANTS during the sale of your home:

HOME PREPARATION:   Getting your home ready and on the market is our passion.  Home preparation, including repairs, staging, and upgrades, can be facilitated.  We work to get your home ON the market, ON schedule, and ON budget by connecting you with qualified tradespeople who can provide the best prices.  In case you live out of the market, or travel, we are your team on the ground, and we can handle all the details for you.

LISTING TEAM:  Our Listing Manager personally visits your home, and can provide immediate answers when agents call with questions.  We make sure your home’s pictures and copy are appealing to today’s buyers.  We speak with you each week to update you on showings that have taken place, and any market changes.

MARKETING MANAGEMENT:  Today’s ever-changing world requires full time marketing specialists.   Consumer behavior is constantly evolving, and what worked five years ago may not work today.  From customizing campaigns and communicating with buyers via social media, phone, mailings, email, texting, door knocking, websites, and professionally promoted open houses, our marketing team is constantly monitoring the most effective ways to bring buyers to your home. Our professional photographers know how to capture the best features of your home. SIMPLY, OUR RESULTS PROVE OUR MARKETING WORKS.

CLOSING TEAM:  Eighty percent of the labor in a real estate transaction occurs after a sales contract is signed.  From contract to closing, our experienced closing manager is constantly monitoring all contract terms and contingencies, speaking with all parties, including inspectors, mortgage, title, other agents- and keeping you informed step by step of the progress of your closing.  No successful company can thrive with one person doing everything, and the complexity of today’s transactions demand full time attention and expertise.  Our closing team has cumulatively closed thousands of transactions, and will work to protect your best interests throughout the closing process.

BUYER SPECIALISTS:  Quick Response time.  Market knowledge. Today’s consumers demand quick response times and are looking for market knowledge from their agents.  We have a team of experienced agents available to provide immediate answers and show the best properties to our buyers first!  Our Buyer Specialists are experienced, caring, have expert market knowledge, and work tirelessly to locate and match the right homes to the right buyers!

CONTINUING CUSTOMER SERVICE:  Our focus is YOU both during and after the sale.  Our whole team is committed to serving YOU as a real estate resource AFTER the SALE or PURCHASE of your home, keeping you informed about developments in the market that will affect you and your family.

Meet the Team